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What next?

The Startup weekend at Höfn is over and I´m very pleased to tell you that me and my team partner Sigrún Sveinbjörnsdóttir received a special mention for accomplishing the most throughout the weekend! So now the weekend is over, one might ask, “And then what”?

In the coming days I will “pimp-up” my blog and make it all fancy and nice looking : ) The plan is to have three main categories of topics; documentaries, film festivals and VoD. The VoD posts will be about good VoD websites with docs, their geographical availability etc.

I want to share with you the trailer of  The Ambassador, the opening film at IDFA documentary film festival currently taking place in Amsterdam, Holland (16th-27th of November). The film is by Mads Brügger, a Danish journalist who buys himself a title turning him to an African diplomat.  Brügger goes to the Central African Republic to impersonate the Liberian consul. He sets up a match factory run by pygmies as a cover for his ambitions in diamond trafficking. The film show a corrupt side of Africa and how diplomacy can open doors for illegal business of many sorts, but it is partly filmed secretly with hidden cameras. According to the Danish Film Institute´s website, all screenings of The Ambassador at IDFA have been sold out. The film is in competition for Best feature-length documentary and it will be exiting to see if the film receives the awards, but the film sure is worth seeing. The photo above is a still from the film shot by Johan Stahl Winthereik.


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