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Icelandic Cinema Online

Icelandic Cinema Online (ICO) is a new VoD platform where Icelandic feature, docs, shorts and music videos can be watched through streaming. The website went online 19th of May earlier this year. It´s founders Sunna Guðnadóttir and Steffi Thors wanted to make Icelandic films more available to audience both in Iceland and abroad. As with many other good ideas, the idea of ICO came to them while they were sipping red wine. They were both living in Prague, Chezh Republic at the time and wanted to watch Sódóma Reykjavík, one of their favorite Icelandic films, but discovered it was nowhere to be found on the www. From that moment the snowball started rolling, they entered a competition for start-ups and founded Icelandic Cinema Online.

With registered users in more than 131 countries Icelandic films are now reaching more audience than ever before. One needs to register to watch films, either for free or by streaming. Once that is done, the user can choose between nearly 70 items to watch. There is a good variation of music documentaries about Sigur Rós, techno music and least but not last, the legendary Rock in Reykjavík. Rock in Reykjavík is a documentary by one of Icelands best known director, Friðrik Þór Friðriksson. The film is from 1982 and a classic documentary about the music sceen in Reykjavík in the early 80s.

Another noteworthy documentary on ICO is The Corner Shop, a heartwarming and humorous film about local corner shop, its owners and customers in Reykjavík. The owners of the shop are brothers who value their customers and care for them, sometimes running erands and bringing products to their customers in person.

The trailer is from The Corner shop and the photo above is still of young Björk performing in Rock in Reykjavík.

Here is a video about ICO.

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