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A Bitter Taste of Freedom

The latest film of the Russian documentary filmmaker Marina Goldovskaya is the documentary A Bitter taste of Freedom (2011). The film is about her late friend, the Russian investigative journalist and author Anna Politkovskaya. Politkovskaya was assassinated in her Moscow apartment block 7th of October 2006, and so far no one has been found guilty of her murder. Politkovskaya was a renowned journalist who was one of very few journalists who travelled to Chechnya several times and reported from the Chechen conflicts. These reports were strongly disliked by Russian authorities and even some of her colleagues  disapproved of it. Politkovskaya received death threats several times and was poisoned while on her way to hostage negotiations in Beslan, North Ossetia in September 2004.

A Bitter Taste of Freedom is a portrait of Politkovskaya who never gave up her fight for justice and hope for democracy in Russia. Marina Goldovskaya was a close friend of her and they had known each other for years. As a result, the interviews with Politkovskaya are very relaxed and honest, showing not only the journalist Politkovskaya, but also a friend and a mother. Some of the footage in the film was shot by Goldovskaya during the Perestroika and this as well as footage from the Chechen conflicts gives insight in changes and history of Russia in the last decades.

Following is an video of Marina Goldovskaya discussing her film and a trailer for the film. Information about screenings in cinemas and /or TV seems hard to find, but will be added here later on.


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