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Grizzly Man

Werner Herzog´s Grizzly Man (2005) is a documentary every doc enthusiast should see. The film tells the story of Timothy Treadwell who spent 13 summers living with wild grizzly bears on the Alaska Peninsula. He claimed to have a special relationship with the bears and to understand them better than anyone else. He filmed his interaction with the bears for five summers but his life came to an end when he and his girlfriend were attacked and killed by bears in 2003. Herzog uses some of Treadwell´s footage in the film, which shows a remarkable contact Treadwell had with the bears, he never seemed to be fearful of them not even when he was in very close contact with these wild animals. Herzog also interviewed many of Treadwell´s family and friends for the film, who share their opinion and stories of Treadwell, his work and life among the grizzly bears.

Herzog is a renowned documentary /fiction feature /fiction short film maker who has received numerous awards for his documentaries. His latest documentaries are Cave of forgotten dreams (2010) and Into the Abyss (2011), a film that won him the Best Documentary awards at BFI London Film Festival earlier this year.

The film can be watched on You Tube (link below) and bought on DVD on Amazon.

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