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Women with Cows

Britt loves her cows, but her sister Inger hates the cows. As can be expected, the cows are therefore often the source of the sisters quarrels. Women with Cows (dir. and cinematography Peter Gerdehag, 2011) is humorus, sincere and at times, sad film about the sisters Britt and Inger in south Halland in Sweden, who have lived their lives differently. Inger is a widow, has daughter and grandchildren, but Britt never married and seems to have prefered to spend her life with her cows instead of humans. Britt´s physical condition makes it nearly impossible for her to milk, feed and care for the cows and therefore she needs her sister to help her. Inger is tired of this and wants Brit to quit farming. Britt won´t hear of it.

The film premiered early this year and has traveled to numerous film festivals f.ex. Nordisk Panorama and Karlovy Vary International Film Festival.  The cinematography is beautiful and with it´s many funny scenes, it´s no wonder this film has been popular among audience. Britt and Inger are lovable old ladies who will melt your heart, no matter if you are interested in farming or not. The DVD is available from Amazon.

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