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Best Worst Movie

One of the funniest documentaries of recent times must be Best Worst Movie. Having seen it at Sheffield Doc/Fest in 2009, it often pops to my mind when recommending a good documentary to see.

Released in 1990, Troll 2 has been named the worst movie ever made, with average rating 1,9 /10 at Rotten Tomatoes. Two decades after its release, the movie becomes a cult hit. The film has a strong fan-base who flocked to cinemas for the re-screening of it. The director of Best Worst Movie, Michael Stephenson, acted in Troll 2, but is now a grown up and interviews fans about the film, as well as it´s actors who now live a very different life than in their acting days. Funny, honest and sincere, the characters in Best Worst Movie will entertain and move you from beginning to the end of the film. With an average score of 7.2/10 at Rotten Tomatoes, Best Worst Movie is far better than the film it’s about. It´s awards and nominations also speak volumes.

Enjoy the trailer of Best Worst Movie and buy it on Amazon.

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