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The website for documentary & film festival enthusiasts. Subscribe to our posts about which docs to watch and film festivals to visit. is a VoD platform where registered users can stream and/or download films for free or for a small charge. This young startup company is based in Sweden and is available in all the Nordic countries, except Iceland. Headweb offers nearly 1500 documentaries and a total of about 6400 films, most of the feature films. There is a good variety of documentaries f.ex. Page One: A Year Inside New York Times (dir. Andrew Rossi, 2011), The Greatest Movie Ever Sold (dir. Morgan Spurlock, 2011), Women with Cows (dir. Peter Gerdehag, 2011 – see also previous post about the film here) and Inside Job (dir. Charles Fergusson, 2010) to name a few. Before you watch a film you can watch the trailer or put the film on a watch list and save it for later. The streaming price varies from free to $ 10, but $ 4-6 is the most common price for streaming. Payments are by credit cards.


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