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DocPoint 2012 Screening Programme is out!

The screening programme of DocPoint Helsinki was published today. A total of 133 documentaries will be screened at the festival 24th-29th January. As in previous DocPoints there is a good variety of both Finnish docs as well as international ones.

The films are divided to 17 categories. Here is a list of some interesting films.

Films from Finnish Film Schools:  Anna Minulle Aatos (dir. Swati Goyal, 2011), a short doc about a single mother who had a baby -on her own- with a man she met by chance in Africa.

Insha’Allah – Waiting for the Spring: The Middle East, The Arab Spring, memories of war, bellydancing and stories of Islamic culture is th theme of this category. Grandma, A Thousand Times is a doc about director Mahmoud Kaabour´s grandmother Teta Fatima, a 83 year old widow in Beirut who reminicies about old times while her husbund was alive.

Lost Europe focuses on identity, immigration and human rights in Europe.  One of the films in this category is Italy – Love it or Leave it the directors Gustav Hofer and Luca Ragazzi are a gay couple and concidering emigrating to another country. They go on a journey from Sicily to Rimini to reflect on their feelings towards Italy, the  Mafia, the waste crisis, corruption, unemployment, inequality and Silvio Berlusconi.

New Finnish Documentary films:  Finnsurf the first Finnish film about surfing in the ice cold Baltic Sea. Directed by Aleksi Raij (2011). Kerjäläiselokuva or Helping Helping Mihaela (2011) in English is about a 16 year old Romanian girl and her young baby boy who are to be deported from Finland.  The Film is directed by Hanna Maylett and it´s her first documentary. Säilöttyjä unelmia or Canned Dreams (2011). Filmed in Brazil, Denmark, Portugal, Poland, France, Italy, Romania and Finland, the film follows the making of canned food from start to finish. The documentary  tells the story of the lives and reality of the many people who some ways or another work their part in the process of making and putting food in cans, and deliver it to the shelfs in stores.  The doc also casts light on the life and sufferning of animals at industry farms, animals that end up as canned food. See also trailer at the end of this post.

Winners & Bestsellers  is a category with international docs that have travelled international film festivals. Some of the films in this category include Bombay Beach, Planet of Snail and Werner Herzog´s Cave of Forgotten Dreams. See also previous posts about these films.

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