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Men who Swim

During mid-life crises some men divorce their ladies, buy a motorcycle and date younger women. Others form a group and start training synchronized swimming. Yes, synchronized swimming – and no, the men referred to are not gay.

Dylan Williams is the director and the narrator of the documentary Men who Swim (2011). Williams, who is originally from England, joins the first and only male synchronised swimming team in Sweden to become more socially active in Swedish society and to get to know more locals. Shortly after forming the group, the men find out about All Male World Championship in synchronised swimming and set the goal to compete for world championship title. During the training the members of the team have their ups and downs both in their private life as within the group, and of course a lot of training is needed before the World Championship.

Williams tells the story from his point of view but audience also get to know some of the men in the group and their reasons for joining the group. The film is humourous and good entertainment. The moral of the film is about enjoying what you have in life, may it be much or little of worldly possessions, and also about reaching you goals whatever they are. And as for the mid-life crises, synchronised swimming seems to be just what some should try before divorcing the wife or racing on a motorcycle with the wind blowing on a bolding head.

Men who Swim can be seen on and bought on DVD from Amazon.


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