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Girls Rock!

The first ever rock camp for girls age 12-16 will be held this summer in Reykjavík. In these camps girls get to know how to play instruments, form a band and perform. The idea comes from American rock & roll camp held annually in Portland, Oregon for several years. Now similar rock camps have been set up all around the world f.ex. in Sweden, UK, Canada and more countries.

The documentary Girls Rock! (dir. Arne Johnson and Shane King, 2007) takes place in the original rock&roll camp in Portland. The film follows few youngsters and as they learn how to play instruments, write songs, perform with their band and participate in all sorts of activities. The focus of the camps is to encourage the girls to be themselves, break out of their shells and give them freedom to express their thoughts and feelings through music. Some of the teachers at the rock and roll camps include Beth Ditto, front lady of the band Gossip as well as other ladies with background in music.

The film is a good entertainment for both adults and children. If you are considering sending your daughter to rock camp this summer, Girls Rock! is a film for you. The film can be bought on DVD from Amazon.


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