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Ballroom Dancer

Slavik Kryklyvyy used to be the World Latin American Dance Champion. He misses competing but he has been through some tought times both in his professional – and private life. With his new partner Anna, Slavik wants to have a final comeback and win the world champion title again. But the road to the title is long and hard. Slavik suffers from hip pain and his temper is putting a strain on his relationship with his partner Anna Melnikova. Ballroom dancer tells the story of their journey towards becoming the World Latin American Dance Champions.

Directed by Andreas Koefoed & Christian Bonke (2011) the film premiered at CPH:DOX in November last year. It was also screened at IDFA,  where it landed the 4th place for the Audience Award. Ballroom dancer is so-called “fly on the wall” documentary where characters in the film are observed and filmed, often by the directors. In fly on the walls documentaries, filmmakers usually use minimum equipment so their presence is less intrusive.  Slavik and Anna are not interviewed on camera but through the dancing, expressions, body language, anger and joy the viewer senses what is happening without the need of having it explained to him/her with words.

Information on screening in cinemas and at film festivals can be found in the film´s Facebook page. This film will most likely be screened at some film festivals in coming months. Following is the trailer for the film. The photo with this post is a press photo from IDFA.

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