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Göteborg International Film Festival Program is out

429 films from 80 countries will be screened at Göteborg International Film Festival, held in Göteborg Sweden 27th of January – 6th of February. The festival, also known as GIFF, is one of Scandinavia’s biggest and most respectable film festival.  Although primarily a feature film festival, this year a total of 122 documentaries will be screened, along with short and animated films. The program was published earlier this week. Those of you who are fluent in Swedish can read it here.

The festival is an award festival with a total of 17 awards, the biggest awards is Dragon Award Best Nordic Film. Other awards include f.ex. Best Swedish Docmentary film (over 45 min. TBA). There is one documentary nominated for the Dragon award; Pojktanten – English title She Male Snail (dir. Ester Martin Bergsmark, 2012). As noted on The Swedish Film Institute´s website;  “Pojktanten weaves intimate bath time conversations between Ester Martin Bergsmark and the writer Eli Levén together with the story of Pojktanten – a fantasy world that centres on a person caught between two genders who creates a third in order to survive.” It seems a trailer for the film is not yet available.

The Award ceremony will be 6th of February. Docs & Film Festivals will of course inform you about this years winners as soon it has been made official.

Following are three trailers from films that are screened at the festival. The photo with this post if a still of Giff´s website.

The Substance: Albert Hoffman´s LSD. Documentary about the drug LSD (dir. Martin Witz, 2011).

Imagining Emanuel is a doc about Emanuel, a stowaway who came to Norway on a container ship from Liberia. But how can he prove he is who is claims to be, and who believes him? The film is directed by Thomas Østbye (2011).

Ecstasy of Order: The Tetris Masters is a doc about Tetris fanatics, directed by Adam Cornelius (2011).


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