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The grass is not always greener on the other side

Regretters (2010) is most certainly a one of a kind documentary. The main characters, Orlando and Mikael are Swedish transsexuals in their 60s. They were both born as men, and had sex reassignment surgery to become women.  After years of living as women, they both regret having had the surgery. They meet to talk about their youth, their desire to become women and living as women. They look at pictures of one another and share personal experiences.

Most of Orlando´s and Mikael´s conversation takes place in a dimly lit room. One gets the feeling the pair is sitting on a stage and performing right in front of you. The fact is though they are not performing. Their conversation and stories are true, honest, funny and will stay with you long after film finishes. It is therefore no wonder the film has been screened around the world and won numerous award, one of them the Swedish Guldbagge for Best Documentary at The Swedish Academy Awards in 2011.

The film is directed by Marcus Lindeen, a young talented director with background in journalism. According to an interview in the Swedish Film Magazine (p. 37-38), Lindeen first came to know Mikael when he did a radio interview with him. Orlando called in and that´s how Mikael and Lindeen first heard his story.

The DVD of the film can be bought directly from the film´s website and Amazon.

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