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The Sunday Doc – The Beaches of Agnés

VoD website MUBI is now offering free unlimited streaming of all films if you register for a monthly subscription for £ 5.99. Once you register, you have the free access for 14 days and then they will charge you the monthly fee which gives you unlimited access to films every month. You can cancel your subscription any time.

MUBI focuses on independent, foreign and classic films and has 144 documentaries and a total of 771 film. Some of Agnés Varda´s films are available on MUBI, f.ex. The Beaches of Agnés (2008), a self-portrait documentary where Agnés tells about her memories, career in filmmaking and people she got to know and work with. Agnés was born in 1928 in Brussels, Belgium but emigrated to France with her family during the Second World War. She started her career in photography but later moved into filmmaking. Varda has had a lively carrier and still going strong, her latest work is a documentary tv series broadcasted last year.

Following is a trailer for The Beaches of Agnés. The film can also be bought on DVD from Amazon. The photo with this post is a still frame from the documentary of Agnés herself.

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