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Airwaves – A Rockumentary

Airwaves – A Rockumentary, a documentary about Icelandic music festival Iceland Airwaves, was released on Vimeo 2 days ago. For anyone who has been to the festival, the film sure brings back good memories. If you have not been to the festival yet, this film will make you want to attend the next one held the 31st of October – 4th of November later this year.

Airwaves – A Rokcumentary is directed by Guðjón Jónsson (2012) and produced by Saga Film for Icelandair, the main sponsor of Iceland Airwaves. With that in mind, the film could also be seen as one long advertisement. However, the film manages to capture that special vibe and great atmosphere at the festival, something that makes it worth attending year after year.  And in case you want to come to Iceland Airwaves after seeing this rokcumentary, you can buy tickets here.

The photo with this post is a still frame from the film of Canadian musician Rich Aucoin performing at Iceland Airwaves 2011.

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