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The Sunday Doc – Surfwise

Dorian “Doc” Paskowitz is one of a kind.  Doc became a doctor who stopped practising medicine early on his career after successful years as doctor in Hawaii. He divorced his wife and traveled to Israel where he did little more than surf and have sex with lots of ladies during his stay there. Doc meet his second wife Juliette shortly after and in the years that followed, Juliette spent most of the time either pregnant or breastfeeding the 9 children they had together.

Surfwise tells the story of the remarkable Paskowitz family. The Paskowitzs are as far from the American middle class suburban family as one family can be. Together all 11 of them lived in a 24 foot camper and traveled across America from place to place, but usually sticking close to the sea where they could practice their biggest passion in life, surfing. The children did not get any formal education and were taught by their parents. Living in a small camper had its ups and downs, and privacy was unheard of. Money was scarce from time to time and they sometimes didn´t have much food.

Doc, now in his eighties, is still a lively man with interesting attitude to life and living. He most certainly did not live his life like an average Joe and has a lot of funny stories he shares in the film. But following your dreams can have its pros and cons. The Paskowitz children who are now all adults, have different opinions about their upbringing and not all of them would want the same lifestyle for their children.

The film is directed by Doug Prey (2007) and can be watched on Netflix and LoveFilm. The DVD can be bought on Amazon. The photo above is from the Paskowitz family album, a press kit photo from Magnolia pictures.

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