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Ride that (digital) wave!

PressPausePlay (dir. David Dworsky and Vicotr Köhler, 2011) is “a film about hope, fear and digital culture” (quote from the film’s website). It´s a must see documentary for everyone interested in the digital revolution, music, film, design etc. It explores the pros and cons of digital culture, a culture that has changed the creative industries drastically in the last decade and is an ever evolving one.

Some decades ago, few would have foreseen the massive impact digital culture has had on our daily lives and last but not least the creative industries. The big music labels, prior to the digital revolution, sometimes had artists´ future in their hands. They would decide who would get signed a record deal and who wouldn´t. The digital revolution has messed this up and sort of disarmed companies in the entertainment business. Some might say that as a result the true art and craft are gone.  Now it´s just a lot of mediocre things available, whether its music, photography, film etc.

Then again, the digital revolution has most certainly open it´s doors of possibilities to a lot of people. Now your grandmother can record music in her living room and upload it on what ever the website she fancies given that she is tech savvy or you show her how. You and your family and friends will “Like” it and spread your grandmother´s music. Within weeks or months, good old Grandma Rock ´n Roll could be a house hold name all around the world.

Artists like Moby, Ólafur Arnalds, Robin, Lykke Li, Hot Chip to name a few, share their thoughts on the digital revolution in the film. It´s hardly surprising that the film is available to download for free on it´s website, but it can also be bought on DVD. An interactive version of the film is also available, it has more in-depth interviews, deleted scenes and more. PressPausePlay is an entertainment for eyes and ears. The cinematography, editing, animation, music and interviews make it worth watching – and of course in the name of digital culture – Share it – Like it – Tweet it! Ride that digital way and make the most of it.

Following are two trailers for the film – you can find more trailers here. The photo is a still frame from trailer #6.

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