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David, Goliath and the Bananas!*

Big Boys Gone Bananas!* a documentary by Frederik Gertten, is receiving a well deserved attention these days. An Official Selection at IDFA 2011, Official Selection at this years Sundance Film Festival as well as being screened at DocPoint Helsinki, the film tells a remarkable story of the director´s and and his production company’s legal battle against the American Dole Food Company. The story goes back to 2009 when Gertten´s documentary Bananas!* was selected for the competition at Los Angeles Film festival. Dole went all “Bananas” to say the least, suing Gertten and his production company WG Film, claiming his film was a lie and based false accusations. The film was drawn out of competition and in the months that followed, Dole used its power and money to scare Gertten and even the media, contacting journalists who wrote about the story by e-mails or telephone.

It´s maybe no wonder Dole tried to stop Bananas!* from being screened. The film is a unconventient truth to say the least, about a legal battle of Nicaraguan banana workers against the Dole company for using banned pesticide that was known to cause sterility.

Big Boys Gone Bananas!* is the story of David and Goliath and freedom of speech. The film is also very critical of modern-day media and how media is loosing its power. Freedom of speech is under attack in several countries and its important for all the little Davids to stick together. Together they can make a change as Big Boys Gone Bananas!* goes to show.

Bananas*! is an ideal documentary to see prior to its sequel. It can be streamed on Distrify for € 4.49. Big Boys Gone Bananas!* most likely be traveling to many film festivals this year. Docs & Film Festivals will keep you posted.

Following are trailers for both films. The photo above is by Anna Sivertsson/WG films.

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