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The Sunday Doc

Sunday nights are ideal documentary nights and this time Docs & Film Festivals wants to reccoment three interesting docs to watch. The docs are all on and can be streamed for $ 1.99.

Detroit Wild City (dir. Florent Tillon, 2010) is a documentary about the rise and fall of Detroit city, Michigan with interviews with some of the city´s recidents. The doc has both historical footage of the city as well as nicely framed shots of run down buildings, which sadly seems to be countless in Detroit city.

In The Matador (dir. Stephen Higgins & Nina Gilden Seavey, 2008) we get to know David Fandila, a 21 year old Spanish bullfighter. Fandila aims high, he wants to become the world´s top-ranked bullfighter.

I am Jesus (dir. Valerie Gudenus & Heloísa Sartorato, 2010) portrays three persons who claim to be the Second Coming of Christ and the communites that have formed around these persons.

Following are the trailers for Detroit Wild City and I am Jesus. The photo with this post is a still frame from The Matador.

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