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When your enemies become your friends

Masha Drokova is a spokesperson for NASHI, Putin´s political youth organisation in Russia. Being as active she is within the NASHI, Masha has a bright future a head of her, but when she befriends liberal journalists, she starts to question her beliefs and NASHI´s political agenda. Masha is the main character in documentary Putin´s Kiss (2012).

Masha belongs to a generation of young Russians who was hardly remember living in Soviet times or were born after the collapse of USSR in 1991. She had a very different youth from her parents, and yearly on got used to holiday with her family in away countries. When Putin came to power Russian society changed and flourished. The growth of the NASHI movement also flourished with thousands of young people attending summer camps and activities arranged by NASHI.

However, growth isn´t always good. Journalist Oleg Kashin has been openly critical of Putin and the youth movement, both in Russian media and in Putin´s Kiss. His worry is that the young people -and the society- will split everyone into two groups; friends and enemies. Just like Putin sees his people.

Directed by Lise Birk Pedersen, Putin´s Kiss was chosen as the official selection at last years IDFA. The cinematography is by Lars Skree and the doc landed the World Cinema Cinematography Award for Documentary Filmmaking at this years Sundance. Putin´s kiss is very topical and a reflection on the current political landscape in Russia. Freedom of speech is under a threat and many journalists are taking risks every day writing and critizising Putin and his government in the media.

Putin´s Kiss will have a UK premiere at the Human Rights Watch Film Festival 21st-30th of March in London. The photos with this posts are PR stills from the films website, where trailer for the film can also be found.

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