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I´m very happy to show you the new look of Docs & Film Festivals. Designed by young and very talented graphic designers at Undralandið, Docs & Film Festivals now has very pretty postcard, one in Icelandic and another in English. The postcards will be distributed to oh so popular hang-outs in the Nordic capitals in the coming weeks.

Docs & Film Festivals is a young start-up business and last weeks have been very busy with business plan making and grant applications. Therefore I have not been able to post as frequently as I hoped for but that´s only temporary situation. The plan is to start an online Docs & Film Festivals magazine in the coming months so stay tuned!

Enjoy your weekend!

2 comments on “Update

  1. James McNally

    Congratulations, the new site looks great. Best of luck with the grant applications too. I’m enjoying your updates so far and look forward to seeing where you take the site!

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