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,,More than 400 Lebanese civilians – one fourth of them children – have been injured by cluster bombs since the end of the 2006 war”, according to the short multimedia documentary Survivor by Laura Boushnak. The documentary consists of still photography and video interviews with activist Raed and cluster bomb survivor Mohammad.

Director Boushnak is a Palestinian photographer born in Kuwait. According to her bio on Raw Magazine´s website, Boushnak has documented life, conflicts and culture  widely in the Middle East. She has photographed for big names like Associated Press and Agence France-Press. Her photos have also been published in New York Times, The Guardian, National Geographic and Le Monde.

The doc is available to watch for free on Photo Raw´s website. It´s well worth recommending this short film which is little more than seven minutes. It´s not often the world gets to hear the voices of cluster bomb survivors and it´s important not to forget the serious threat cluster bombs pose to civilians in many countries.

The photos with this post are still frames from the documentary, shot by Laura Boushnak. You can find more of her photography on her website.


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