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First Position

Already with a great film festival success, the ballet documentary First Position is positioning itself among most noteworthy documentaries of 2012. So far it has been awarded at Toronto Film Festival where it premiered, it´s was in the official selection at the Hamptons Film Festival and Vancouver Film Festival and First Position is also a winner of audience award at DOC NYC Film Festival and Best Film award at San Francisco Doc Fest.

First Position is directed by Bess Kargman, who is also the producer and editor of the film, but this is Kargman´s first documentary film. The film follows six talented ballet dancers age nine to nineteen who are preparing for youth ballet competition Youth America Grand Prix. The competition is  ,,the largest competition that awards full scholarships to top ballet schools” as stated in the film´s synopsis. The road to success can be long and hard as these young ballet dancers already know. If it wasn´t for their ambition and strong will, the sacrifice and injuries would be hard to deal with.

The film is traveling places and upcoming screenings include Miami International Film Festival 2-11th of March and The New York International Children’s Film Festival 2nd-25th of March. The film will be released in theaters in May.  

The stills with this post are PR still for the film from The New York International Children’s Film Festival´s website.


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