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March Film Festivals

March is a busy film festival month with more than 100 film festivals in Europe alone according to the festival directory of the British Film Council. With documentary films in mind and focus on Europe, here is a list of some of the film festivals in March. Docs & FIlm Festivals will post more detailed info about some of these festivals and their sections in the coming days.

Borderlines film festival 24. February – 11. March, Herefordshire, UK.

Tampere Film Festival 7. -11. March, Tampere, Finland.

Thessaloniki Documentary Film Festival, 9-18. March, Thessaloniki, Greece.

Ankara International Film Festival 15. – 22. March, Ankara, Turkey.

Belgrade Documentary and Short Film Festival 30. March – 3. April, Belgrade, Serbia.

The Eurpoean Independent Film Festival 30.March- 1.April Paris, France.

Cinema du Réel, 22.march – 3.April, Paris, France.

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