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The Sunday Doc – Africa United

Africa United is an Icelandic documentary by Ólafur de Fleur Jóhannesson (2005). It tells the story of Zico Zakaria and his team of amateur footballers, called Africa United. Zico, originally from Morocco, put the team together which all consists of immigrants in Iceland who are from Morocco, Nigeria, Columbia, Serbia, Kosovo, Gambia and Guinea. Together they train for the semi-professional 3rd dvision – and the goal of course is to win it. But will religion, race and history be of any hindrance?

The doc won the Edda, The Icelandic Film & TV Academy Awards, for best documentary 2005 and it was also nominated for best director and best script. It was screened at Thessaloniki Documentary Festival 2006, Karlovy Vary International Film Festival 2005, CPH:DOX 2005, Buenos Aires International Festival of Independent Cinema, 2006 and Bangkok International Film Festival, 2006 to name some of the festival screenings.

Africa United is good and entertaining documentary, ideal for some Sunday sofa chillin’. It can be streamed from Icelandic Cinema Online for € 3.

The trailer can be seen on Icelandic Cinema Online. The Photo with this post is the poster from the film from the Icelandic Film Institute´s website.


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