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Donor Unknown

JoEllen Marsh grew up in Pennsylvania with her two mothers. She always knew her family was special, and she had always been curious about her donor father. With only the donor´s number in hands and limited information about him, she registered to an online database to try to find more information about her donor father; donor #150. Little did she know that within few months time she would have found dozens or so of half-siblings, also children of donor #150.

Donor #150, aka Jeffrey Harrison donated sperm hundreds of times to a sperm bank in California, California Cryobank. It was a stable source of income for him at the time but he later gave that up. Wilson now lives a care-free life with his dogs and pigeon in a camper at some Californian beach. With out a partner or children to call of his own, life takes different turn than Harrison ever expected it to do when JoEllen contacts him and later travels from Pennsylvania to meet him.

Directed by Jerry Rothwell (2010) Donor Unknown is a brilliantly entertaining documentary about identity, genetics and family. Everyone wants to know about their heritage, especially when you have characteristics no one in your family has. The resemblance between the donor children is uncanny and both they and Harrison are all great characters in the film. The film had a great film festival success, screening at Tribeca Film Festival, IDFA, Boulder International Film Festival and various other film festivals around the world. You can buy the DVD on Amazon. The film´s poster if from Bahamas International Film Festival´s website. Other photos ar from The Independent Television Service (ITVS).

Enjoy the trailer & have a nice weekend!

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