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Look at what the light did now

Look at what the light did now is a poetic documentary about the making of Feist´s Grammy nominated album The Reminder. Multitalented musician Leslie Feist is the central character in the film along with many of her musicians and art collaborators. The documentary takes audience on a tour with Feist and her group of musicians and artists, both as they record their music, prepare the gigs and perform at various places on the Reminder tour 2007-2009. Feist relies on a creative partnership of talented people with various background in music, visual arts and even shadow puppeteers. She calls her collaborators ‘amplifiers’ and somehow they all fit perfectly together. They respect and trust each other and the outcome of their collaboration is magical.

Fans of Feist will enjoy this visual documentary not to mention her music and her performance. Unfortunately The Reminder tour is over and those of us who did not get to attend a gig will live to regret it. However, Feist is currently touring with her latest album Metals and if that tour is anything like the Reminder tour, attending her gig should be on your ‘To do list’.

The film is directed by Anthony Seck (2010). It has screened at film festivals such as CPH:DOX, Raindance Film Festival in London,  Ambulante film festival in Tijuana, Mexico,  Poolinale Music Film Festival in Vienna, Tempo Documentary Film Festival, Sweden and many more.  Look at what the lights did now can be bought on DVD from Amazon.

Following is the trailer for the film and one of Feist´s songs; My Moon My Man from the album The Reminder. The photos with this post are from SCENE 360 and IHeartMusic.Net.


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