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Ballroom Dancer selected for Tribeca Film Festival

Documentary Ballroom Dancer is touring the film festivals with excellence! Directed by Andreas Koefoed & Christian Bonke (2011) the film premiered at CPH:DOX in November last year. It was also screened at IDFA,  where it landed the 4th place for the Audience Award. In little more than 4 months it´s already had a great film festival success being screened at renowned film festivals like Doc Point in Helsinki, ZagrebDox, and recently finished Thessaloniki Documentary Film Festival. Ballroom Dancer is also one of 12 documentaries selected for World Documentary Feature competition at Tribeca Film Festival in New York April 18-29 and the only Nordic documentary in that section.

It´s no wonder the film is receiving this great attention. The documentary is very engaging. Former World Latin American Dance Champion Slavik Kryklyvyy and his dance partner Anna are on a mission to win his title back. The road to the title is long and hard and the drama and emotion is like a red thread in the film.

The documentary has no interviews or ‘voice of God’ and reminds one more of a fiction film than documentary at times. The directors Koefoed and Bonke followed Kryklyvyy and his partner Anna for two years and they had good access to him at all times. In an interview on Danish Film Institue´s website, Koefoed said that they never got the scenes they thought they would when they did the script for the documentary. “We started out writing scenes for a kind of script, imagining the coolest possible story, so we would be dressed to get the scenes we wanted. But we never got a single one of the scenes we made up. We never even got close to asking them to do anything for us,” Koefoed says. “However, the script gave us clarity about what kind of turning points we needed in order to let the story unfold.”

And this is where good editing comes in and film editors Åsa Mossberg and Marion Tuor did an excellent job in the editing room. “We wanted the film to look like a fiction film. Everything should be told in scenes. We filmed it like a very pure documentary, but we cut it like a fiction film,” Koefoed said in the DFI´s interview.

Docs & Film Festivals will make sure to let it´s readers know when the DVD of Ballroom Dancer becomes available. Until then you can read the previous post about the film and check out the film´s Facebook page for film festivals updates and more info. Following is the official trailer for the film. More clips and dance scenes can be found here. The photos with this post are  press material from Danish Film Institute´s website.

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