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Nine Norwegian documentaries will premiere and 20 other documentaries are in the 11th Eurodok film festival program, held over the course of this weekend in Oslo, Norway. The Norwegian documentary The Betrayal is one of the highlights of this years Eurodok. Its a personal documentary by Karen Winther and a confrontation with the director´s past. Winther was a part of the anarchist group Blitz in Oslo in the mid 90s. During that time there was a violent rivalry between the anarchists and neo-Nazis and Winther made a decision that was to change her life. In the documentary she tries to come to terms with her decisions and make amends with the people she betrayed. Winther won the awards for Best Student Documentary at IDFA last year. The documentary will premier tonight at 17:00 in Cinemteket. All Norwegian film have only one screening and they are free of charge so tickets run out fast.

Seven documentaries are in completion for the Eurodok awards. The awards will be made official on Sunday the 25th. The documentaries in competition are;

Harbour of Hope directed by Magnus Gertten (2011). The film tells the story of some of the polish refugees that came to Malmö, Sweden from concentration camps in Poland in 1945. It´s a gripping film with unique film archive, stills and interviews with some of the refugees and their relatives.

At night I fly, directed by Michael Wenzer (2011). Within the walls of legendary Folsom prison Johnny Cash used to sing about, prisoners with life sentences participate in an art project. The art project enriches their life and the film will change people’s view of the prisoners.

5 Broken Cameras, directed by Emad Burnat & Guy Davidi (2011). A documentary with a new perspective on the Palestinian/Israeli conflict. The film received the best documentary award at Sundance 2011 and special prize at IDFA last year. Read more about the doc in Docs & Film Festivals older post.

Canned Dreams directed by Katja Gauriloff (2011). Filmed in Brazil, Denmark, Portugal, Poland, France, Italy, Romania and Finland, the film follows the making of canned food from start to finish. The documentary  tells the story of the lives and reality of the many people who some ways or another work their part in the process of making and putting food in cans, and deliver it to the shelfs in stores.

Whores Glory, directed by Michael Glawogger (2011). Whores Glory is the last one in the director´s triology about globalization, the previous ones being Megacities and Workingman´s Death. The documentary gives insight in the lives of prostitutes in Thailand, Bangladesh and Mexico, their hopes, dreams and expectations.

What is Love, directed by Ruth Madder (2012). An observational documentary with love stories of five different individuals. The film received great reviews at the Berlinale film festival earlier this year.

¡Vivas Las Antipodas!, directed by Victor Kossakowsky (2011). Only five antipode are found in the world, that is a country with another country ‘under itself’ on the opposite side of the world. The shortest route from Entre Roos in Argentina and Shanghai in Chine is through the center of the earth and these are antipodes. In a mystical way, they documentary finds the likings and links between the antipodes.

Following are film clips from ¡Vivas Las Antipodas!. The Photo with this post is a PR still for The Betrayal from IDFA´s website.


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