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5 Broken Cameras wins the Eurodok Awards

5 Broken Cameras won the Eurodok awards at the Eurodok documentary film festival in Oslo, Norway last night. The doc is directed by Emad Burnat og Guy Davidi (2011). 5 Broken Cameras is a personal portrait of a Palestinian village resisting encroaching Jewish settlements, as recorded with 5 cameras by Burnat over a number of years in his village. The outcome is a personal documentary and with Israeli filmmaker Guy Davidi the two created an extraordinary documentary.

5 Broken Cameras has had a great film festival success and has won number of awards. It won the Special Jury Award at IDFA last year, the World Cinema Documentary Directing Award at this years Sundance and was in the international competition at ZagrebDox to name some of the film festival it has screened at.

Docs popular in Norway 

Eurodok is organized by the art house cinema Cinemateket in Oslo and run by the Norwegian Film Institute. About 3000 guests attended the festival this year, according to Jan Langlo, programmer at Eurodok. “There is much interest in watching documentaries in the cinema. Not many feature-length documentaries are shown on Norwegian television, but those tend to be popular at Cinemateket”.

In recent years, the focus of the film festival has been on different type of documentaries rather than sections and this years films were well-chosen. With docs about the love, the economic crisis, Nazis, Shakespeare and whaling and many other topics, there was something for everyone. “We had sections at the first Eurodok film festivals but later decided against that. We didn´t want to put the films in certain categories and try to fit them where they didn´t properly belong. We want to screen films not themes”, says Langlo.

Although Eurodok is over, fans of documentaries in Oslo don´t have to worry about shortage of docs in Cinemateket. Every month documentary is screened under the hat of Råfilm; an arena for documentaries at the Cinemateket. Cinemateket also takes part in Films from the South, a film festival held in Oslo 4-14. October, with more than 100 feature films and documentaries.

Following is the trailer for 5 Broken Cameras. The photos with this post are PR stills for the doc from Sundance Film Festival´s and IDFA´s websites.  The one of Jan Langlo is by Docs & Film Festivals.

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