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The Sunday Doc – Must read after my death

Must read after my death is an American family drama documentary based on voice recordings and home videos. Director Morgan Dews came across his grandmother´s archive when she died in 2001. She left behind 300 pages of transcripts and a box of tapes with 50 hours of audio diaries and dictaphone letters and 201 home movies. After going through this massive family archive, Dews discovered some detailed and intimate information about his grandparent´s turbulent marriage and difficult family situation. It must have been a challenge to make a feature documentary from the archive, but the result is an interesting documentary and most certainly, one-of-a-kind. Joan Dupont at International Herald Tribune called the film ‘A kind of domestic Horror Movie, an eerie call from beyond the Grave’.

Dews´ grandparents Allis and Charley had four children and lived in Hartford, Connecticut. Charley spent several weeks away from home every year, away in Australia for work. Allis was left behind taking care of the children and the home. She struggled against the conventional role as wife and mother, but met little understanding from her husband. Most of the archive is from the 1960s, a period of transformation in American history.

With no voice over or commentary from other than of Allis and Charley, Must read after my death  reminds one of fly on the wall documentaries. The doc premiered in 2007 and has since then been screened at various film festivals. You can stream, download to own and buy the DVD from Doc Alliance website. The DVD can also be bought from Amazon. The stills with this post are from the doc´s press kit.

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