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One Day on Earth

The remarkable documentary project One Day on Earth was screened world-wide in 160 countries yesterday, also known as the Earth Day. The footage was all shot during one day 10th of October 2012. More than 19.000 contributors in every country on earth participated in the project, which resulted in 3.000 hours of raw footage that was edited down to feature-length documentary.  The result is a unique documentary with lot of incredible footage from countries like North-Korea, wedding ceremony footage from Kosovo and lots of memorable shots, friendly faces & lovebirds all over the world. Some of the scenes will melt your heart and maybe a tear or two will run down your face. Others will make you want to rush out of the cinema, back your bags and go exploring all those exciting cultures and places around the world.

One day on Earth is a grassroot project founded by Kyle Ruddick who started working on it back in 2008, Ruddick is also the director of the film. In partnership with United Nations Development Programme Ruddick did an open call for filmmakers in all countries of the world. The One Day on Earth project then donated 1.000 HD cameras to make sure contributors had the chance to capture the daily life of thousands of people on often some of the most remote places of the world. Dozens of NGO´s also took part in the project as well as various other internationally recognized organizations like Red Cross Red Crescent (ICRC & IFCR), UNCHR, UN Women, World Wide Fund for Nature and Human Rights Watch to name a few.

With all that footage it must have been quite a task for the editors of the film to edit it to feature-length. The must have been lot of darlings killed in the editing suite. But the guess is that the film came together in the editing suite, the place where magic often happens in filmmaking. One of the most memorable scenes is the music & dance scene where all sorts of music and dance is edited together in the most incredible way. The One Day on Earth music video by Cut Chemist can be seen later in this post.

The One Day on Earth Website is worth visiting. With more than 6.000 hours of footage, you can learn about life in various places, many featuring serious issues like poverty, climate change and human rights. You should also check out the map showing the locations of all videos filmed for the project both on 10.10.10 and 11.11.11.

A DVD can be pre-ordered from the One Day on Earth website and additional trailers and videos can be seen on their Vimeo account, f.ex. behind the scenes video. Those interested in the next project should register for participating on 12.12.12 when the next one will be filmed.

Following is the trailer for the film and the music video by Cut Chemist. The stills are from the film´s Press kit.


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