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Big names at RS&DF

Reykjavík Shorts & Docs is only week away, starting the 6th of May -9th at Bíó Paradís. A total of 75 shorts & docs will be screened at the festival making it the largest one so far, but the festival now celebrates it´s 10th anniversary. Some of the documentaries screening at the festival are;

Town of Runners dir. Jerry Rothwell (2012)- Town of Runners tells the story of three young runners in the small town of Bekoji in Ethiopia. They want to become long distance runners and train hard to achieve their goals, know that becoming a professional athlete might save them from the poverty. Town of Runners is the opening documentary of the festival screening @ 20:00 Sunday the 6th of May and it´s a free event. Rothwell will be present and will do an Q&A after the second screening of the film Monday the 7th of May @18:00.

Donor Unknown dir. Jerry Rothwell (2010) – Donor Unknown is another documentary by Rothwell also screening at the festival. JoEllen Marsh was raised by lesbian mothers and the only thing she knows about her biological father is his physical attributes and that he is ‘Donor nr. 150’. She starts searching for her biological father and not only does she track him down, but also dozens or so half-siblings who live across America. Donor Unknown is screening Monday the 8th of May @20:00 and Rothwell will do a Q&A afterwards. See also previous post about Donor Unknown by Docs & Film Festivals.

Sarabah e. Maria Luisa Gambale og Gloria Bremer (2011) – Sarabah tells the story of hip-hop musician and activist Sister Fa, a childhood victim of female genital cutting (FGC). Sister Fa goes on a challenging journey in her home country Senegal to fight FGC, speaking to people and education about the practice, challenging gender and cultural norms. Following the screening there will be panel discussion lead by UN Women in Iceland about FGC as well as labia plastry in the Western World. Sarabah is screening Monday the 8th. of May @ 20:00.

Retrospectives of Kim LonginottoBritish documentary filmmaker Kim Longinotto is the patron of Reykjavík Shorts & Docs. In collaboration with the American film distributor Women Make Movies there will be a retrospective of Longinotto´s films. Longinotto will be present and do a Q&A after the screenings of Gaea Girls (2000), Runaway (2001), Sisters in Law (2005). There will also be screenings of Pride of Place (1976), Theatre Girls (1978), Pink Saris (2010) and Divorce Iranian Style (1998).

Afterglow dir. Ali Silverstein Afterglow is Silverstein’s first feature-length documentary and partly shot in Iceland. A documentary about ‘impossible love’ and loss. Silverstein´s boyfriend dies in a car accident and she is left with only a bag of his ash, metal and bone. She embarks on ‘their last road trip together’, a road trip she gathers sense of who he was and their relationship. Afterglow is screened on Tuesday 8th of May @18:00 and Silverstein will do a Q&A afterwards.

Collateral Murder: Hellfire dir. Kristinn Hrafnsson & Ingi Ragnar Ingason (2011) – The documentary is about the incident in Baghdad when two Iraqi journalists were killed in a militia clash with the U.S. army. Collateral Murder: Hellfire tells the story of the late journalists´ families and the aftermath of the incident in Baghdad. The documentary won the International Journalism and Human Rights Award at the Barcelona Human Rights Film Festival 2011.

Price of Sex dir. Mimi Chakarova (2011) – Price of Sex is a documentary about sex trafficking of women from former Soviet countries in Eastern-Europe to countries like Turkey, Greece, Dubai and others. Price of Sex is screening Wednesday the 9th @ 18:00. and following the screening there will be panel discussions about sex trafficking. Fore more info on Price of Sex, see also previous post about Price of Sex.

The program catalogue for Reykjavík Shorts & Docs Festival will be made official on the festival´s website in the coming days. Single tickets, day passes and festival passes can be bought at Bíó Paradís, Hverfisgötu 54, Reykjavík.


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