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Sheffield Doc/Fest Day#1

Excitement was in the air today at Sheffield. It´s the first day of the four-day documentary film festival and thousands of people are gathered here at Sheffield for the big documentary film fiesta. As second biggest documentary film festival in Europe packed with documentaries, masterclasses and industry sessions, everyone tries to make the most of the festival. Sheffield Doc/Fest is without a doubt the place to be documentary wise.

Italy Love it or Leave it (2011) directed by Gustav Hofer and Luca Ragazzi was Docs & Film Festival´s first documentary to watch and a great choice to start the festival with. It´s no wonder this documentary has traveled to more than 50 film festivals. Not only is it informative of modern-day Italy, it´s also has great balance of beautiful cinematography, animation and visual style. It ´s also really funny and entertaining, making the crowd bursting out with laughter every now and then. All in all, definitely worth seeing. The second screening of Italy Love it or Leave it is on Friday 15th of June @ 13:15 with Q&A. Interview with directors is coming soon.

The problem with film festivals like Sheffield Doc/Fest is choosing which films to watch and what else to do, with all it´s packed schedule of activities. In the Showroom Bar, as with many of the other festival locations, you never know who you might meet and talk to. Finnish producers Jouho Harjula and Lauri Ahlgren from Flatlight Films are among the guests at the festival. They previously produced FinnSurf, a documentary about Finnish Surfer, that has traveled to many film festivals around the world. Surfing in the cold sea off the coast of Finland might not be the same as surfing in Hawaii, but one thing is sure. Only the tough ones can do it.

Docs & Film Festivals will be reporting from Sheffield Doc/Fest  daily so stay tuned for more!

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