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Just about three weeks ago Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes were spotted walking hand in hand in Reykjavík Iceland, few days before Cruise went on location in north of Iceland to film for his film Oblivion. Little did we know that these would probably be the last pics of the couple together. Allegedly, members of Scientology Church have been following Holmes around which has put the Church and the religion in to focus world-wide. The Scientology Church has denied that. Those who want to learn more about Scientology  should watch these two BBC television documentaries on Scientology; Scientology and Me (2007) and The Secrets of Scientology (2010). Reporter John Sweeney wanted to know more about Scientology and went to its cradle in the USA to find out and try to speak to some of it´s members in the former one. The Secrets of Scientology is a sequel to the former one, and has several interviews with former members of the Church expressing their criticism of Scientology as religion and the Church and it´s organisation. After watching those one would it does not come as a surprise if Holmes is being followed around by members of Scientology. And for those fluent in both Icelandic and English, reporter Hallgrímur Thorsteinsson at RÚV radio station in Iceland interviewed Tony Ortega today,  but Ortega is the editor in chief of the Village Voice in New York and Ortega has written several articles on the Scientology Church. Ortega interview starts at 07:43.


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