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Exclusive DVD offer for readers

Docs & Film Festival has now been around for nearly eight months and with a total of 100 posts down the line it´s fitting to offer a special deal to YOU the loyal readers out there!

Docs & Film Festivals is offering exclusive offer to it´s readers of the recently released DVD of the Future of Hope. The DVD is only £9.99 + £2.49 with postage and packaging to anywhere in the world or ISK 2,000 + ISK 500 which is the best available deal out there! The DVD is region free and in PAL format. To order, please email to and remember to write how many copies you want and your full address. You will then receive a ‘request for payment’ from PayPal and once your payment is finalized your DVD will be shipped to your address. It´s also highly recommended you sign up for e-mail subscriptions and / or like Docs & Film Festival´s Facebook page so you´ll be the first one to know about more up coming offers like this one : )

Directed by Henry Bateman and produced by Heather Millard, Future of Hope is about the economical situation in Iceland, following the collapse of the banks in autumn 2008. ‘This feature-length documentary film tells the story of a few Icelandic people, not afraid to stand out from the crowd, who are taking a different path towards a more sustainable future. Academics, Politicians, Farmers, Scientists and Visionaries all demonstrate how the isolated country of Iceland could – with a little help from their friends – become not only a testing ground for new technologies but also a completely sustainable ecosystem. Punctuated with beautiful photography and a rousing soundtrack from Ampop frontman Biggi Hilmars and featuring a new song by Damien Rice – Future of Hope is an inspiration for a changing world. A perfect insight into the country of Iceland, the landscapes and the people’.

Iceland has the ability to inspire the world and this documentary is a peek into that potential,’ Damien Rice, muscician.

As the title suggests, Future of Hope, has an optimistic message which is worth sharing. The film has screened at over 14 film festivals around the world including IDFA (official selection), Thessaloniki International Documentary Film Festival (official selection), One World Film Festival (official selection), Hamburg Film Festival, Germany (official selection) and One World Film Festival (official selection). See also previous post about Future of Hope.

If you have any questions regarding the documentary or the exclusive offer you are more than welcome to email me; And to order your copy of Future of Hope please e-mail to and remember to write how many copies you want and your full address.

Future of Hope

Directed By: Henry Bateman

Produced By: Heather Millard

Co-Produced By: Herbert Sveinbjornsson

Director of Photography: Henry Bateman

Editor: Elisabet Ronaldsdottir

Original Score: Biggi Hilmarsson

Additional Music by:

Damien Rice




Vyvienne Long


Animator: Una Lorenzen

Sound Design & Mix: Gunnar Steinn Ulfarsson

Production Assistant: Svala Magnea Georgsdóttir

Post-Production Facilities: Kukl ehf.

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