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Interview with director Luca Ragazzi

Italy – Love it or Leave it was one of the documentary highlights at this year´s RIFF. One of the films´s director Luca Ragazzi, visited Reykjavík and did Q&A´s with audiences. The other director of the documentary and Ragazzi´s partner, Gustav Hofer, did however not make it to Iceland this time around since he was busy promoting their film at another film festival.

The documentary is in a way a travel story where the two directors travel around Italy to come to a conclusion if they should continue to live in Italy or leave it. Gustav wants to move to Berlin and Luca needs to convince him that Italy is worth living in. They set on a six month journey in an old Fiat 500. They meet a lot of people along the way who may or may not help them make up their minds about Italy.

Italy – Love it or Leave it has had great film festival success, being screened at more than 75 film festivals around the world – and still counting. Luca and Gustav are not unfamiliar with traveling to film festivals with documentaries, but their previous documentary Suddenly, Last Winter (2008) is a multi award-winning documentary about civil rights for same-sex couples in Italy, what also had a great film festival success.

And it looks like Gustav and Luca will be doing some more traveling this time around. Coming up are screenings  for  Italy – Love it or Leave it at Bergen International film Festival 17. -24. October, and Taiwan International Documentary Festival 19. -28. October.

Italy – Love it or Leave it has also been recently been released theatrically (or soon to be) in Australia, New Zealand, Germany and Canada.

In collaboration with Snoop-Around, Docs & Film Festivals interviewed director Luca Ragazzi at RIFF. Enjoy!

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