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CPH:DOX 1.- 11. November 2012

CPH:DOX, Copenhagen International Documentary Film Festival, is putting it´s mark on the beautiful city of Copenhagen, Denmark, these days with about 200 documentaries to choose from and events happening all around the city. As both an audience and industry film festival, the festival has grown fast in numbers of both documentaries and admissions from its first year in 2003 which had 14.000 admissions. Last year the admissions had gone up to a whooping 47.000, making it the biggest documentary film festival in Scandinavia. The festival is also an awards festivals with DOX:Award, New Visions Award, Sound & Vision Award, Nordic: DOX Award, Amnesty: Award and finally POLITIKEN Audience Award. You can check out the nominees by clicking on each award title.

Here are some of the highlights of CPH:DOX (but fear not – there are plenty more and all can be seen here);

City World, director: Brent Chesanek | USA 2012 | 70 min – “A dazzling and disturbing hybrid work, which shares its fascinating natural mysticism with a number of contemporary filmmaking’s most innovative names – just in an even more radical synthesis of images and sound.”

My Afghanistan – Life in the Forbidden Zonedirector: Nagieb Khaja | Denmark 2012 | 87 min – Danish/Afghan filmmaker Nagieb Khaja traveled to Kabul with a bag full of video cameras to document the real Afghanistan.

When Bubbles Burstdirector: Hans Petter Moland | Norway 2012 | 90 min – Financial crisis explained by looking at the story of a bankrupt mountain village in Norway.

This Ain’t Californiadirector: Marten Persiel | Germany 2012 | 90 min – Skateboarding in German Democratic Republic of the 1980s. Self-made skateboards and self-invented tricks meet Super-8!

Shut Up and Play the Hits, directors: Dylan Southern & Will Lovelace | UK 2012 | 110 min – “Half portrait, half live show – and this year’s wildest and most perfect concert party.” LCD Soundsystem as you have never seen them before. Note that tonight’s screening will take place in Koncertsalen, with a subsequent party in Studio 1, where James Murphy and 2 Many DJs will perform with their DJ sets.

Village at the end of the world, directors: Sarah Gavron & David Katznelson | UK 2012 | 80 min – Niaqornat is a small village in Greenland with only 59 inhabitants. In a small village like Niaqornat, job opportunities are limited and the big cities like New York have charms that seems alluring to some of the younger generations.

Mission to Lars, directors: William Spicer & James Moore | UK 2012 | 78 min – This documentary tells the story of three siblings who travel to America to see Metallica play. One of them, Tom, is a hard-core Metallica fan but he suffers from Fragile X syndrome, a kind of autism which makes it a real challenge for him to be in crows of people and with much noise going on around him.

Gainsbourg by Gainsbourg: An Intimate Self-Portraitdirector: Pierre-Henry Salfati | France 2012 | 99 min – A documentary about the very talented singer/songwriter poet Serge Gainsbourg. “The film is a tale of Gainsbourg’s life, sensationally told by the protagonist himself through old interviews, sound recordings and film footage. The result is so immaculate that you feel like you are in the company of the great crooner’s ghost.”

My Love, director: Iben Haahr Andersen | Denmark 2012 | 58 min – A love story about two men in a small Danish fishing community. Paul is a Danish guy who after personal crisis comes out as gay and his partner whom he later meets, a Thai man called Mai. Mai settles in Denmark and the documentary follows their love story and how they lovebirds tackle the language barriers and cultural differences and settle in their new life. My Love is screening tonight @ 21:45 in Falkoner Biografen.

The Imposter, director: Bart Layton | 2011 | 95 min – This docu-thriller tells the story of a 13-year-old Nicholas Barclay who disappeared from his home in Texas in 1994. Three years later was found in Spain. The family accepted the their son who came back to Texas – not looking like their previous son at all. Bizzare – but true story.


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