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TIFF report


There Will Be Some Who Will Not Fear Even That Void (dir. Saeed Taji Farouky, UK, 2012) was awarded The Tromsø Palm at TIFF – Tromsø International Film Festival, in Tromsø, Norway on Saturday. The documentary chronicles the work of 20 artists aboard a ship  sailing around Norway´s Arctic Svalbard Archipelago. “The filmmaker´s narration imagines the artists being sent on a mission in the near future to recreate the Arctic environment after it has been destroyed by global warming”. Partly funded on Kickstarter, the film got 286 backers and raised $31,025 of pledged $ 30,0000 goal. The film was the only documentary to be awarded at the film festival, but it screened in the Films from the North section at the festival. For information on other awards at the festival, please see here.

There was a good variation of documentaries at the festival and documentaries in the section Films from the North & Focus:Skate were well attended.. Having seen nearly 20 films in 4 days, Docs & Film Festival´s favorite docs of the festival include Bones Brigade: An Autobiography,  This Ain´t CaliforniaBoard Control, Det Lengste Løbet / The Longest Run & Scarlet Road. Yes, a lot of skate docs, but unfortunately some screenings at the festival were completely sold out (press pass or no press pass), – but that is obviously good news for the festival team : )

TIFF is a good film festival, screening rooms are first class and the program was for broad audience. The outdoor cinema screenings are great for all ages and proved to be popular, regardless of the weather. And the city of Tromsø is a great location for a film festival with all of it´s winter darkness in January. One couldn´t find a better excuse to spend hours and hours on end inside a screening room during this time of year! Check out the great documentary Board Control (dir. Emil Trier, 2006) with this post, available on You Tube in two parts.

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